Contestant FAQ

Miss Newport Beach and Miss Corona Del Mar  FAQ

What is the benefit of entering a pageant?
The benefit of entering a pageant is, but not limited to, a great way to meet new incredible people, support your community, an asset to your resume, and a great way to share your special YOU while enjoying networking opportunities for your chosen career path. The purpose of any pageant is to promote self-confidence and to give women an opportunity to promote their chosen platforms. Also, a prominent output of a pageant is a goodwill/brand ambassador whose stature can be used for a definite period of time by the organizations/corporations associated with the event.

What is a platform?
A platform is an issue, charity, or cause that you care deeply about and promote throughout your reign as a local/state/national/international delegate. Once chosen, the titleholder uses their stature to address community service organizations, business and civic leaders, the media and others, about their platform issues.

How do I choose a platform?
Each delegate chooses a platform according to her convictions. Some delegates may have been touched with tragedy, disease, or abuse, and want to promote those charitable organizations. Choose the platform that you are the most comfortable with and feel that you can make the biggest difference in the lives of others. You do not have to have a platform to be in the pageants at the city level, but will want to consider one for state level and above pageants.

Is there a talent portion of the competition?                                                                                                                                              No, there is no ‘performing’ talent required. You may choose to tell the judges about your talents on stage, but will not be required to perform a talent.

How long does a reign last?                                                                                                                                                                                 A delegate’s reign lasts from the time she is crowned until the time your successor is crowned. Usually one year. Your title remains yours for a lifetime.

What is considered a public appearance?                                                                                                                                           A public appearance is any location that you appear in your crown and/or banner to support/promote your platform, sponsors, and the Miss Newport Beach Pageant. ie. . . charitable functions, parades, visit local officials, new business openings, etc…

How many public appearances do I have to make during my reign?                                                                                Once you have been crowned, you are required to make monthly appearances during your reign, and submit photos for website and social media publicity.

How much is the entry into the pageant?                                                                                                                                                    The entry is $395 per a contestant. The entry fee includes the pageant, a series of training seminars, photo shoots, makeup classes, and other fun and exciting events leading up to the pageant.

Are you looking for someone perfect?                                                                                                                                              No. Perfection means pressure but excellence equals confidence. Therefore, strive for excellence. It is what the Judges will be instructed to look for. Of note: In the swimsuit portion of the competition, the Judges will be looking for physical fitness which is a healthy & fit body.

Do I need a fancy and expensive wardrobe to be competitive?
No. It is more important to find swimwear, stage/interview outfits, and an evening gown that you feel confident in that best suits you and your character. Keep the focus on the woman in the wardrobe knowing she is what the Judges are considering. Contestants are encouraged to secure sponsors to assist them.

How does “Sponsorship” work?
Sponsorship is not required to be a contestant.

Collecting sponsorship is encouraged and a very important part of learning to be a Spokeswoman. While approaching potential sponsors, explain your desire and goals to improve yourself and promote the charities you believe in, while endorsing their goods/services. This is the reason it is important to choose sponsors you believe in. (Also, an added bonus for your business sponsors: It is a tax-deductible advertising expense for businesses assisting you with sponsorship.) Let them know what your experience will entail knowing it will be extremely beneficial in developing your communication skills. Start with a list of potential sponsors such as local businesses, friends, family members, employers, etc. Plan your strategy, focus on your plan to succeed, then start scheduling appointments to collect your sponsorships. Material items may also be sponsored and include a wardrobe, tanning, hair and nail care, etc. The sponsors you gain for your own use will not be included in the Newport Beach Sponsorship packages unless brought into the pageants as an official sponsor.